This week’s readings and videos present key factors influencing the movement of fashion and how we try to predict these. Theories of fashion adoption as well as influences and invovations. We will begin to explore the business side of fashion, including the scope of fashion business. Further, how diversity and competition in product can make or break a business and the roles of retailers, designers and manufacturer’s in the grand scheme of the fashion business.

Diving into another way to organize your research this week, we will explore using Pinterest and it’s visuals as another research tool.

This week’s readings and videos are a bit longer than past weeks, so be sure to leave yourself enough time. This site is mobile optimized, so you may also watch the videos and read the linked articles on your mobile devices.

It is important to read and watch all assigned material in order to properly complete this week’s assignments. This course is cumulative and we will refer back to past lessons in future weeks.



Infographic credit: Alexandria Heinz (created 2012)