Fashion History

In this course preview, we will explore sections from Module 5: 1960 through the present day.

The history of fashion reflects so many areas of life at that time including but not limited to popular culture, religion, politics, culture, and economics. Understanding how clothing has also had an influence over the decades will help you to understand the importance that it can wield, the problems it can create, and the solutions that solved.
This semester we will journey together through the often fascinating history of fashion until we arrive at the present day. It’s quite a journey, welcome!


As with other courses on this site, you will begin each module by reviewing the overview for that week’s work. This will let you know exactly what will be due for that week, and may discuss a preview of larger projects that will be due in the future.

Readings, Videos, Music and Podcasts

In each week, all readings (textbook and articles), videos, music, and podcasts are listed clearly, including how long each recording is so you may plan your week. These recordings are also playable on your smartphones and tablets where you already watch YouTube and steam videos.


A page is provided PER ASSIGNMENT to assist in reducing confussion as you balance life and your course load.

Weekly Discussion Questions

Each student is expected to post one question per week and respond to two of their classmates questions. Questions should be as concise as possible adding only the introductory information needed, and replies must be complete.