Photo Credit: Nicole Honeywill

This week’s readings and videos present an overview of a century of fashion, and we will begin defining and working on research. This site is mobile optimized, so you may also watch the videos and read the linked articles on your mobile devices.

It is important to read and watch all assigned material in order to properly complete this week’s assignments. This course is cumulative and we will refer back to past lessons in future weeks.


Textbook:   The Dynamics of Fashion by Stone, E., pgs. 4-37

Textbook: Research and Design for Fashion by Seivewright, S. & Sorger, R., pgs. 2-31

Article: Alistair O’Neill, Professor of Fashion History and Theory at Central Saint Martins, asks the elusive question What is Fashion in this article. Be sure to watch all of the included videos in the article.

Article: Active Reading: The Art of Annotation. This is presented to you by Diigo, which we will begin working with in Lesson 2. Annotating your work as you read, allows you to remember it better later. Don’t wait to begin annotating your reading this week.