This week, in Lesson 2, you will begin to learn the nature of fashion. This includes your introduction to the fashion business, fashion environments, the fashion cycle and the start of fashion terminology. You will need to understand the multiple market segments/ environments in the fashion industry by the end of this lesson.  Next week, you are to submit via Padlet, what type of company you will be writing a brief for, so start thinking about it. What do they manufacture? Who is their target market? You don’t have to get too detailed, you can save it for the brief. If you would like to discuss your thoughts with me on this, please reach out this week.

On the research front, we will explore primary and secondary resources further as a continuation from your mind mapping assignment. We will continue to build research skills, utilizing Diigo (an abbreviation for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff” and pronounced as dee-go) which is invaluable for organizing your online research and tools.

You will find this week’s tasks on the next 3 pages.
Lesson 2:

  1. Readings & Videos

  2. Infographic

  3. Padlet

  4. “There is no rest for the fashionable. Every season designers have to struggle to come up with the new fabulous idea that everyone is going to love.”

    –Johanna Blakley, TEDxUSC