This week’s readings and videos discuss why fashion is important and misconceptions about fashion and its intangibles. What is the difference between style, design and fashion? What is the meaning of and differences between mass fashion, taste, high fashion, classics and fads? It’s important that you understand these differences as a base to your knowledge. You will learn about the fashion cycle, its stages, and how consumer buying is effected by it. Finally, you will learn about five principles in fashion.

Turning to research, we will delve into how to break down your research into primary and secondary resources. This site is mobile optimized, so you may also watch the videos and read the linked articles on your mobile devices.
It is important to read and watch all assigned material in order to properly complete this week’s assignments. This course is cumulative and we will refer back to past lessons in future weeks.


    Textbook:   The Dynamics of Fashion by Stone, E., pgs.38-89

    Textbook:   Research and Design for Fashion by Seivewright, S. & Sorger, R., pgs. 33-47

Infogram Credit: Kimberli MacKay