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Saturday December 16th 2017

The Staple Dress

The Staple Dress The Staple Dress

September has rolled in with a BANG! So much to do in the weeks ahead that my lists have lists!!!

As I started my journey to Searsport, Maine to teach at and take classes at this years Fiber College, I was lucky to have an afternoon, after deadlines, with a pile of pieces I’d cut and packed hoping there may be some personal sewing time squeezed in!
And — VOILA! There was one afternoon where I found myself in a quiet house with my sewing machine and no one who needed my attention.

In other words – HEAVEN!

I had heard so much about The Staple Dress from folks all over the blog-o-sphere that I decided to test it out for myself in this gorgeous cotton voile.

I love the Cotton Voile! I love the Cotton Voile!

I am a short woman, barely grazing 5’1″. I am a curvy woman. Thus, I always need to make a few adjustments in the pattern to be sure the waist is where it belongs and that the pattern is cut near to my frame size needing few if any adjustments later.

Cutting out the Pattern Cutting out the Pattern

I had done this hear and there between teaching classes and private lessons during August and I was excited to see it come together.

Adding the Elastic Waist. Adding the Elastic Waist.

I did stray from the directions a bit in that I put French Seams on any exposed seam to avoid any frays later.
I also needed to add quite a few rows extra of the elastic as it didn’t suit my frame with only a a few. It always feels like magic when you hand wind the elastic thread onto your bobbin and before you know it you have some lovely gathers!!!

Do I like the pattern? Yes.
Do I have any issues with it? Yes.
I find that the length of the side from sleeve tip to waist is short. Yes, I adjusted it a little, reducing the blousiness, but had I not, there would be too much extra bulk there and it would look more potato-sacky and less shapely, which on my 5 foot frame wouldn’t be attractive. It seems to be the way of this sort of sleeve, not being a set-in or raglan sleeve, and being very very simple, which is good!

Would I recommend it to sewers? Absolutely! I sewed the dress together in about 3.5 hours including the hem, which I had already patterned to be my correct length at cutting. This means I had already adjusted the pattern to be longer in the back to accommodate the necessary curves. When I wear it the hem is straight.

I have received many a compliment on the dress, which I have so far only worn over white jeans.

Ooooh — Stay Tuned to you see how I upped my game with trimming it while at Fiber College!!!

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  • Isabella says:

    This dress is such a lovely color! Have you added needle tatting to the collar since you’ve posted it? I think you wore this on the great TV interview recently with that amazing red coat! I think it’s such great advice to tailor patterns for the best possible outcome! (Note to self: learn to sew!)

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