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Tuesday October 17th 2017

SAW – Welcome!

Relaxing with some of the Satis Gals, bugless in the screen room!
Relaxing with some of the Satis Gals, bugless in the screen room!

June’s SAW (Squam Art Workshops) has come and gone. ***sigh***


This was the third year for the textile retreat and boy are we happy to have been a part of it!!  I’ll be writing about it in a few posts for easy click through and follow along. This one will begin at the beginning!

This was the first Mother-Daughter trip that my Mom and I had ever taken and now we’re certain that it was only the beginning. We booked our tickets in January and had been discussing it with increased excitement for the five months leading up to it’s June 1st start. We had received our class lists, done the necessary materials shopping, packed our bags and I’d begun my journey from New Jersey towards New Hampshire.

Then, it happened.

Our lake view at SAW
Our lake view at SAW

I was struck down by food poisoning the night before our journey was to begin. (I will only say words like “possessed” and “get out of her way” were thrown around.) Even this couldn’t hold me back from SAW!

The morning of SAW I hopped in the car dragged my sorry body to the car and drove from my brother’s house in Massachusetts to meet up with Mom at my childhood home in New Hampshire. Thankfully she took over the driving from her house, the hour to the Rockywold-Deephaven Camps. Upon arrival we were greeted by such warm smiles and helpful folks! They presented us with our goody bag (an awesome tote bag, graph-paper notebook & a skein of malabrigo donated by Happy Knits who was sponsoring the event) along with additional fun swag from local merchants (including Patternworks!) Being that this would be Mom’s first large group crafting event and I could tell she was a little nervous, I was so happy to see so many smiling faces. It’s always amazing how smiles soothe the worries away.

Our room at Satis
Our room at Satis

We soon arrived at our cabin, Satis, and poured the bags, boxes and suitcases into our amazing room overlooking the lake. Mom was shocked at how “non-rustic” the lodgings were. We each had a single bed, a dresser and a large closet was there for us to share. Some how we also lucked out with an en-suite bath. There was a beautiful screened in porch, living room with fire place (with the fire pre-built daily by the staff so we only had to arrive and light her up) and an ice box. No, not a fridge, an old fashioned ice box complete with 2 large blocks of ice to keep things cool that would be replaced as needed. Very neat. There was also time for a much needed nap on my part prior to dinner. I awoke feeling more normal than I had in 24 hrs… I was on my way to feeling 100% again! Yeah!

We all converged at the dining hall where we were greeted by a wonderful salad bar, buttermilk waffle station, ice cream bar and entree buffet. This, as you may well guess, is torture for a foodie in recovery from food poisoning. I was able to eat small amounts of veg and rice and called it a meal. Phew!

I suppose that I should mention somewhere in here that the weather was unseasonably hot. It had crept up near 90F that arrival day… And the cabins/classrooms/buildings had neither heat nor air conditioning (and we never thought to toss a fan into the car.) Not that it got in our way of having a great time, mind you!

Jonatha Brooke treating us all to a new song!
Jonatha Brooke treating us all to a new song!

From the dining hall we all headed over the hill and through the woods to the Playhouse where we were treated to an introduction with Elizabeth, a discussion with the writers of Sweet Juniper and a performance by none other than one of my all time favorite singers, Jonatha Brooke.

Looking around the room I watched my Mom gently take her knitting out and join the hordes of knitters, including myself, quietly clicking away as the evening events unfolded. This would become the norm to those who knit, drop spindled and crocheted. This was definitely the largest group my Mom had ever knit with. Needless to say, she slid right in to the habit as I knew she would. Ahhh… I could feel the relaxing begin. A wonderful introduction to the days that lay ahead. Slowly, we all ambled, flash lights in hand & bug spray either on or at the ready, back to our cabins by the lake where we’d get an evening with our new housemates. The idea of lighting a fire in this heat was agonizing, so we had our hellos and settled in for the days ahead.

Mom (Judie) had been so excited to have found a second small coffee maker for our trip so I could have my coffee (fully leaded please) while she had hers (no lead at all.) I unpacked them. Filled them with water. Cream was chilling in the ice box. This was going to be great! ***digging*** “Mom, where are the filters?” Silence. I repeated the question, perhaps she hadn’t heard it? “Where are the filters?” Giggles began to emanate from the bathroom. She had been so excited about the coffee makers that she’d forgotten to pack the filters. Thankfully I was able to Judie-rig the coffee basket with some napkins. There. Would. Be. Coffee.

Windows were open, fierce winds were blowing across the lake and took the hot air from the room as we softly fell into a deep sleep. I’m not sure we quite realized yet just how lucky we were. That’s how it all began…

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