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Thursday December 14th 2017

Our Newest Resident

Cardinal Egg

My feller found late last week after watching the birds feed at the feeders outside of the kitchen that we have a new budding resident here at The MacKay Way. He saw the pair flying in and out building the nest earlier and now the papa was always hanging around outside monitoring.

I am a little worried as we haven’t seen the parents fly into the nest in days (of course, we could be missing it) and it’s been POURING rain for three days already with two and a half more days of rain ahead.

The beauty bush that the nest is in has bent very low to the ground due to the weight of the water in the blooms. It’s also a bush that we must pass by to get into house. I’m assuming the cardinals

We have stayed away from the nest and have never touched it or the bush since it’s been home to the birds nest.

Fingers crossed that we’ll soon see a wee little cardinal and that the egg hasn’t been abandoned.

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