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Saturday November 18th 2017

Lucky, Lucky!

Thanks Fabric Worm Girls!!

The renovation continues…

It’s been going on long enough that I’m not sure I believe people when they say it will, eventually, end.

In hopes to aid in my sanity I’ve been organizing and collecting fabrics intended for quilts and pillows for the soon-to-be-finished rooms.

I often leave comments on blogs. This week I left a comment on the Fabricworm Blog and voila — I ended up winning the fabric give away of the week! They sent me a lovely package of 7 fabrics from Amy Butler’s new collection, Alchemy Organic. They do sell it as a bundle as well. Fun!

Stacks by color for use in creations to come!

Can you find them in their new place in the stacks? They fit in better than I had even hoped!

I’m itching to get to these projects, but I have a few deadlines that are in front of them. I guess I should get back to it!


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