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Saturday December 16th 2017

Losing the Draft

Trucks Unloading!!

I take this moment to thank my neighbors for their patience with us as we continue to work on the house. We have made sure the loud work has been done during proper hours, although sometimes large trucks have reduced the side road down to one lane as they unload. I know the exterior is looking worse than ever, it will get better!

When you buy a house with the intent to renovate it, you make a lot of lists. Written lists, mental lists. Lists of lists…

It is indeed an exciting day when you are able to cross things OFF those lists!

Our lists have have a few significant items crossed off…

New Roof? CHECK!

Rewire the entire house (basement + 3 stories) — This is ALMOST done… ALMOST…

IT WAS finished enough to do one of our largest and most highly anticipated items… INSULATION !!! CHECK!

We have lived through the last two winters without insulation in our walls wherein the heat (and our money) has going right out our wall$. It was an interesting process. There were men, once again, crawling all over the house.

Spray Foam

While one team was addressing the heat loss beneath the roof with spray foam (and lots of it!), another team was removing single cedar shakes to blow in dense packed insulation.

Insulation has begun!

A few things you need to know about Insulation (and perhaps renovations in general):
1. When you have spray insulation applied, you are NOT supposed to be in the house for 24 hours afterwards because of the fumes.
No, I was not aware of this and was rather surprised when the hazmat suited worker approached me with shock that I was leg up, sipping coffee while doing my morning emails. I hurriedly packed up the project I had a deadline for and hustled myself and the cats into the basement where we closed up the house. (I had to assume 3 open windowed stories was enough space between me and the fumes as I had a deadline!)

Hidden Bee Hive

2. Watch out for insects!
Last wall from the outside. Last wall. Suddenly I hear multiple men shrieking from the side yard. As I dash across the second floor and look out the window I see BEES! I cannot be more specific as I shut the window and raced upstairs to shut the attic windows too (finding out that the HVAC guys who were also working were highly allergic to bees!)

Bee hive close up

I know it’s hard to see. I snapped this photo from 9 feet below. I wasn’t about to get closer to the angry mob of stinging insects. They had nested just above the green portion of the trim.

Finding new ways to finish the job!

They were able to access this wall from the INSIDE of our second floor guest room.

3. Make sure you have an account with a local exterminator!
I adore my exterminators, Dial Pest Control. Not only are they respectful, and speedy, they do a GREAT JOB! We have a full plan with them, which HAS saved us money in the end on these unexpected services that have popped up! They came to the rescue swiftly when the bees were found. I only had to cancel 1 lesson and was able to shoot right into the city to resume my day! Thank you! (They also have cute cars…just saying.)

4. Have a vacuum at the ready!
The dense packed insulation really is blown in with force! Any place that isn’t quite sealed will become apparent very swiftly! The finely shredded dense packing is easily vacuumed up, but allow it all to settle first as it will fill the air!

The house insulation couldn’t have come at a better time. The weather has turned chilly and it’s been so nice to NOT have that infernal draft blowing. In some rooms it was so strong that my hair would blow around gently. Brrrrr!

What’s next on the list?

* Building the built-in guest bed in the 3rd floor guest room/office.
* Painting the rooms on the 3rd floor
* Remove the carpeting revealing the hardwood floors that have been covered up.
* Sand & finish floors.
* Find and purchase the needed lights & fans for the 2nd & 3rd floors.
* Finalize the electric on the 2nd & third floors.
* Newly installed HVAC issues need finishing…
* Move the furniture from the 1st floor back into the 3rd floor rooms.
* Rewire the chandeliers for the 1st floor (they have original Nob & tube wiring which isn’t compatible with modern electric)
* Begin the 1st floor interior facelift…

And the list goes on and on and on… never a dull moment!

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  • Isabella says:

    WOW! This is an amazing project you have going on. The house will be so, so gorgeous when you’re all done. I am sure only your lovely, hand-made knits kept you warm in such a drafty house! Here’s to insulation!!


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