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Saturday November 18th 2017

Faster Than You Think

Cucumbers, July 2nd

Growing a vegetable garden feels like a labour of love when you are first planting. You dig, weed, plant, water and tend. You wait.

You wait some more. You weed some more and wonder, how long? How LONG!!??

This year I decided to take photos a bit more often to show those of you who perhaps haven’t planted a garden just how fast is starts to produce!

Zucchini, June 24

Zucchini Update

Above, if you look in the middle you’ll see a light green zucchini starting with the flower still attached. Below you see it a mere week later! It’s about 5″ long. It’ll be ready to pick in a week or less (and we have 4 of them!)

Zucchini, July 1st


Cucumbers climbing the Holly Tree, September 2011
Cucumbers climbing the Holly Tree, September 2011
Cucumbers in the Holly Tree, September 2011




Cucumber Update

Vegetable Flashback…

Last year our cucumbers climbed the 5 foot tall bamboo tripods I’d put in…then they stretched over the fence, across the walkway and climbed up the holly tree! I had to get a ladder to pick the cucumbers from within the tree! Although fun to look at, holly trees are prickly! I’d never picked cucumbers wearing protective gloves before!

Cucumbers, June 24th

Fast forward to 2012…

We’re growing two varieties of cucumbers including lemon cucumbers (because they look like lemons in shape and skin color.) We set up a bigger cucumber canvas that is easy for them to get to this year. We spent [too much] money on a beautiful cherry espalier when we moved in and it died that winter. Five foot long planter sat last year in the driveway, sad. We cut it off/dug it out of the large planter and are using it as an improved canvas for the cucumbers, which have begun their climb! They appear happy so far. I’m hoping to pick the first cucumbers within two weeks. I’ll keep you posted!

Time for some more much needed weeding!

Cucumbers, July 1st
Cucumbers, July 1st
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  • Betsy says:

    I’ve already harvested 4 large zucchinis and have two more growing. My cucumbers are just now starting to come in. I planted the whole garden at the end of April. We should have tons of tomatoes and peppers ready to eat in the next two weeks too! Such a fun project!

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