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Friday November 24th 2017

A little reno here…A little reno there…

There are days during a renovation where you ask yourself… Is this EVER going to end???

Our Master Bedroom before we moved into the house (not our furniture.)
Master Bedroom

This is a shot of what is now our Master Bedroom, before we moved in with the prior tenants furniture still in it.

Who needs a ceiling when there isn't proper electric?
Who needs a ceiling when there isn't proper electric?

There comes a point where you just can’t have one more fuse blow and you know it’s time to change over the electric from the nob & tube that was installed when the house was built, 104 years ago. So, down come sagging plaster ceilings (better to take it down now then have it fall onto you while you’re in bed!), holes are punched in and wires are guided through the 100+ year old walls.

Soon… and by soon I mean within 4 months (although we were told 2 months, I am not holding my breath), soon we’ll have enough plug outlets, network cabling and lights to be able to run things in this modern world without blowing fuses in this Victorian home. We’re doing two rooms at a time…

More photos soon… but first… the electrical inspection… wiring finished…plaster repaired and replaced…paint colors applied…fire place repaired…floors sanded and stained…covering the new floors with paper while we use this room to house the belongings from another room and once that room is finished…furniture placed back in.


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