Writing Your Company Brief (25 points)

Are uncertain of all that should go into a creative brief? Review Lesson One’s readings: Research and Design for Fashion by Seivewright, S. & Sorger, R., pgs. 2-31

Need more information? Check out this article: Writing an effective design brief Yes, I’m aware the article discusses the brief from the perspective of the designer writing it to the client, but we are putting a little spin on it. You will need to have all of this in your brief. What brief you ask?

You will be writing a 4-6 page brief, plus any photographs/drawings that help you tell your story. You are the manager of a faltering fashion brand needing assistance. There will be a 25th Anniversary celebration utilizing the collection you are discussing in this brief. You will be giving this brief to a team of designers and merchandisers to help you solve your problem. You must create a rich company profile, providing as much detail as you can. Your company depends up it. Creativity encouraged, but let’s keep these profiles realistic as it will help the problems get solved.

  • Identify your target market.

  • Which season will this team be helping you with?

  • Provide fabric guidelines (do’s and don’ts).

  • Provide cost guidelines. What is your budget?

  • Other constraints? Must it be wash-and-wear? No man-made fibers? Only wool? Your choice, your company.

  • Define what the problems are that your company is having, and what problem you would like the team to solve.

Briefs will be due end of week six, Sunday, 11:59pm EST.

In week eight you will be assigned groups, and I will hand out some of these briefs, one per group. You will then have until the end of week eleven to solve the problem given and create a presentation about your solution. More on this in week eight.

In week thirteen you will each receive one of these presentations to critique. If your brief is used as a group project and you would like to critique the solution, please let me know. Critiques will be due end of week fourteen.

This week, you are to submit via Padlet, what type of company you will be writing a brief for. What do they manufacture? Who is their target market? You don’t have to get too detailed, you can save it for the brief.

Create a Pinterest Board: (7 points)

Create a Pinterest board with both primary (5 pins) and secondary (10 pins) resources/ links to your research for your brief.

  • Pinterest: create an account if needed

    To create an account, click on the link in this bullet point above, and follow the steps as they are presented. Feel free to sign up using your Google or Facebook account, or use an email address.

Useful links: Pinterest Basics,All About Pinterest,Password Reset,Privacy Policy

  • Create a master board for your topic of your Research.

  • Add subfolders for primary and secondary topics.

  • You are required to have a minimum of 5 primary pins and 10 secondary pins this week.

Screenshot of my Multimedia Toolbox with Subfolders on Pinterest – Kimberli MacKay