On the Padlet below: (7 points)

  • Submit what type of company you will be writing a brief for. What do they manufacture (Women’s wear? Men’s wear? Coats for cats?) Who is the target market? You don’t have to get too detailed, you can save it for the brief.

  • Please share the link to your master Pinterest board for your brief as well as a screen shot or two showing the five boards and ten pins.

  • Comment on one classmate’s brief starting point and another classmates Pinterest board

  • Critique the infographic from the Readings & Vidoes section of this lesson. Some elements to look at: Does it effective tell the story? Is the flow consistent? Is the white space effectively placed? Is there too much? Not enough? Did it hold your interest or did you scroll right past it until now?

To get credit for submitting, please be sure to put your name at the top of your post.

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