We open this course by learning where we have come from in the last century of fashion.  This will be a short overview with so much more out there, you could fill an entire semester (and should!)

We will also start our deep dive into research methods. Finally, by the end of this week, you should understand how to create a mindmap for research brainstorming.

Finally, you will introduce yourself to the class on Padlet.

Lesson 2 – The Nature of Fashion & Primary/Secondary Resources

Begin to learn the nature of fashion.  This includes your introduction to the fashion business, fashion environments, the fashion cycle and the start of fashion terminology.  You will need to understand the multiple market segments/ environments in the fashion industry by the end of this lesson.

Explore the Movement and Business Side of Fashion. We will continue to build research skills, including a new multimedia tool,Diigo (an abbreviation for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff” and pronounced as dee-go) that is invaluable for organizing your online research and tools.

Lesson 3 – Movement and Business Side of Fashion & Organizing Your Research

We will explore primary and secondary resources this week as well. You will also need to select a topic to research for your individual project and will begin setting up a board on Pinterest for organizing your research.

This week we will also begin the first lerge project of the semester as you each announce the first details of the (fictitious) company you have created to write a brief about.