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Wednesday March 27th 2013

Mystery Project The MacKay Way!

A presenting her finished Needle Case! Presenting her finished Needle Case!

What are we Making?

Mystery Sewing projects are fun, whether it’s with children or adults. Watching their faces as they construct something while having no idea what it will be is an adventure!

I adore my niece and nephew but see them all to infrequently, something I’m trying to do better at in 2013.

I was so happy to have them visit during their school break. My niece, A, has been wanting to learn how to sew more and more as she watches so many of the women in her life pull a chair up to their sewing machines and create such wonderful things. Earlier this week she was visiting with my mother, Nana, who taught her how to use a home sewing machine. I received an amazed phone call declaring that not only had she understood all she’d learned in the quilting class my mother had taught, she had made her own square with PERFECT (PERFECT!!!) quarter-inch seams.

A sewing seams on my Industrial Machine. Sewing seams on my Industrial Machine.

When A walked in and saw my good old industrial machine her eyes told me the question before she could even ask it… “Can you PLEEEEASE teach me how to use THAT machine?”

How could I say no to that!

We dove into a mystery project. She pinned, sewed, ironed and turned pieces all the while having no idea WHAT on EARTH she was making.

Inside, complete with needles! Inside, complete with needles!

I’m happy to say she was thrilled to find out it was a needle case to store the hand sewing needles she’s be using going forward (including the one Nana had given her to finish hand sewing the binding on the quilt square she’d begun earlier that week.) I’ve heard that she is so proud of it and has shown it to so many people, her younger brother is eager to learn how to sew so he can have something to show off too. We’ll work on that when they visit again at the end of this month.

My question to you dear readers… what machine sewing projects have you taught to the boys in YOUR lives? Suggestions & Links all welcome!

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