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Thursday December 14th 2017

Color Me Happy

Refurbishing the original windows! Refurbishing the original windows!

If you’ve ever lived in a home while renovating it you know the following things are true.

a) The shine of what it will look like when it’s completed (in a few years) wears off sooner than you may think as you reside instead with the dust and noise.

b) There are always things you didn’t account for (both financially and time wise) as the project steamrolls ahead.

That’s not to say that our project isn’t moving along… but perhaps slower than we would like it to. For the last 2 years we have not had a living room on a floor where day light is present, instead residing in the Man Cave for all relaxation, entertaining and television time. I’m one who loves needs daylight (and lots of it) so this has taken its toll.

We were happy to say “Bye bye” to the nob and tube as we have rewired the entire house, bottom to top (four stories.) Granted, a few planned wires seem to have been lost inside the walls when the insulation was blown in… but that just brings me back to point “b” above.

The third floor is finally inhabitable with walls, floors and most of the electric completed. We have been residing on the second floor for over a year, but there are still small things that are needed like hardware and door nobs.

So why, with all of this upheaval in my life for the last 3 years would I say color me happy?

Living Room under the care of our Plaster Master Living Room under the care of our Plaster Master

We finally reached the 1st floor (having worked basement, 3rd, 2nd and now 1st)! Our Plaster Master, Jiro, beautifully skim coated the walls and repaired the hand carved plaster moldings that drew us in from the start.

Looking from Living Room to Dining Room Looking from Living Room to Dining Room

We selected colors and they are up and lovely (they aren’t quite as bright in person as they are showing in the photos!)

Our Library. Our library…a prettier red than the single hanging lightbulb allowed to photograph.

Every time I walk into these room I feel at ease.

Living Room turned Work Room Living Room turned Work Room

Granted these rooms are being used as workrooms as windows are all restored to their original glory. We are using the method that we learned at a class we took at Olde Window Restorers in New Hampshire. Worth the time to go if you have it!

Having the walls painted, it feels like progress as only colors can do!

Have I mentioned we’ve had the outside of the house sanded down too? Check back in as that’s a tale for another day.

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