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Saturday December 16th 2017

Giving a Cat an Inhaler and other Normal Things

Chanel – a beautiful boy indeed!

Things around The MacKay Way are never dull. I can’t ever recall having an “I’m Bored” moment, which I’m quite thankful for. By now you know that we have two rather large and very loving cats here at The MacKay Way.

During the renovation, Chanel began to have a hairball cough from time to time. After an increase in what I thought were extra hairballs coughs, I followed the Feller’s advice and took Chanel to the vet.

A Cat inhaler

He had Asthma. He was overweight (duh) and his heart was enlarged. As someone who considers herself a good fur kid Mom, I felt less than good at hearing all of this.

I changed the cats food to a vet prescribed food (read as IT COSTS WHAT?) and not everyone was happy.

Cocoa did a food stand off for 3 days. Cocoa did a food stand off for 3 days.

Cocoa was angry that I’d pulled the dry food out of the diet cold turkey. He loved his dry food – but the vet said it had to go — so it did!  Finally I took a spoonful of their old wet food to mix in with the new vet food and Cocoa went to town.

Food Stand off over

Two weeks passed and I awoke one morning to seeing Cocoa surrounded by hair. Lots of hair. He suddenly had dry skin patches that he must have licked all night and the poor dear now had no hair on his hind quarters. Off to the vet we went. Although the vet couldn’t tell the cause i could only assume it was from the change in food…nothing else had changed. So we moved to yet another new food (which is even MORE IT COSTS WHAT that the first one!) Thankfully neither cat minded this new food. Phew!

I now am administering liquid filled syringes to both cats via their mouths… and although 2 out of three are tuna flavored, anyone who has had a cat will know it’s not at all fun!

We are happy to note that Chanel’s heart is no longer  enlarged and he’s down 1.5lbs. Cocoa’s skin is beginning to clear up, although we await the return of the fur, and he is down 1lb.

It amazes me at how much food this new diet has them consuming (2x the quantity of what they used to eat), but it seems to be a far better quality and not all carbs.

The diet continues!!

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One Comment for “Giving a Cat an Inhaler and other Normal Things”

  • Isabella says:

    Yep! Fur babies can be quite a handful. My youngest rotti got dehydrated once. I bought him pedia-lite (for babies) and gave it to him in a baby bottle with a huge hole cut into the nipple cap. HE LOVED IT! and it was funny too! the joys of fur baby parenthood! :)

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