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Saturday November 18th 2017

2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back

Studio Mid-Renovation, Again! Studio Mid-Renovation, Again!

Progress comes in waves when renovating. Work is done. Sections are finished…and then things happen. This week was supposed to be the time we’ve been waiting for… INSULATION! This was to come after the electrical rough for the 3rd floor (we’ve successfully passed every other floor so far.)

I had to empty the closet, move the furniture (see photo above) over to make room for the machinery they’d be using to dense pack the insulation and be prepared for the 7:30am Tuesday start. We had the HVAC guys remove the flexible pipes from the eves to enable insulation to be blown in behind them (much needed)… but this means the AC was turned off for the 2nd and 3rd floors.

For the first time we failed an inspection. It was little things that were swiftly righted, including the lack of a needed upgrade permit, but it stalled the project. There would be no starting the insulation. There would be no unpacking the studio again by Friday. There would be waiting for the town to approve the permit at some point after the coming Labor Day holiday, like it or lump it. Then we can set up a re-inspection.

I find my inner voice muttering “Keep Calm and Soldier On” on a daily basis as the dust accumulates and the renovation takes 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. Then I sweep and vacuum up the dust and roll ahead with the day.

So, I’ve been sewing in the claustrophobic corner surrounded by piles (as I have freelance work to do) and hand sewing has been moved to the basement where there is AC (it gets quite hot on the 2nd and 3rd floors.) I suppose it’s rather perfect timing to head to Maine.

Keeping Calm and Sewing On. Back to sewing I go!

(PS – I did finish the sewing machine cover finally! See it amidst the mess in the photo above!)

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